Tailored Transportation IOT Solutions with LinkWorx Connectivity

In the rapidly evolving world of transportation IOT solutions, LinkWorx stands out as a leading cellular connectivity partner, offering numerous benefits to address specific industry needs. Our solutions, available on both AT&T and Verizon networks, provide dynamic IP or private static IP routing for seamless and reliable data transmission.
This case study showcases how LinkWorx’s customized connectivity options have enhanced various transportation IOT solutions, delivering cost savings and operational efficiency to our valued clients.

Custom/Full Vehicle Telematics:

Issue: Custom and Full Vehicle Telematics systems require timely data transmission to optimize mobile operations, yet most in-vehicle gateway/routers lack comprehensive network coverage.

Solution: By leveraging LinkWorx’s dual-SIM option, our clients experience expanded cellular network performance, ensuring real-time data transmission for their telematics systems. LinkWorx’s connectivity plans deliver your telematics data when you need it, enhancing visibility and efficiency within your mobile operation.

Geo-Location Tracking:

Issue: Geo-Location tracking solutions are widely used to locate and track mobile assets but are often accompanied by costly canned cellular connectivity plans.

Solution: LinkWorx provides connectivity options that utilize our account pooling and carrier pooling features, reducing the cost of operation for geo-location tracking systems. With our cost-effective plans, you can efficiently manage your assets’ locations, speed, direction, and geo-zones without breaking the bank.

ELD (Electronic Logging Device):

Issue: For commercial vehicles mandated to use ELDs, canned cellular connectivity solutions may have limitations during extensive travel.

Solution: LinkWorx offers the Dual-SIM option or mSIM product, extending cellular network coverage for ELD users on long trips. By leveraging our connectivity solutions and account pooling feature, you can stay compliant with ELD regulations and reduce operating costs.

Drive Cam:

Issue: Drive Cams play a vital role in ensuring safety and driver coaching, but data-intensive applications can lead to challenges with data transmission limits.

Solution: LinkWorx provides options tailored to your specific needs, such as our Internet On The Go plan with a high data limit of 300GB. Avoid any potential issues during accidents and liability claims by optimizing your drive-cam solution with our reliable connectivity options.

Trailer Tracking:

Issue: Trailer tracking solutions often come with canned cellular connectivity plans, limiting coverage for remote assets.

Solution: LinkWorx connectivity options extend your cellular network coverage for trailer tracking, while our account pooling and carrier pooling features drive down costs, making your tracking system more efficient and cost-effective.

Reefer Units:

Issue: Reefer units require timely temperature data transmission for food safety reporting, but limited connectivity can lead to liabilities and regulatory fines.

Solution: LinkWorx’s connectivity solutions ensure optimal cellular network access for your reefer units/food safety systems. Avoid any critical information delays and liabilities by choosing our reliable connectivity options, backed by cost-saving account pooling and carrier pooling features.


LinkWorx’s transportation IOT solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

If you seek tailored connectivity plans and cost-effective solutions for your transportation IOT requirements, contact us today. Our dedicated team is ready to work closely with you to create a customized plan that optimizes your operations and drives your business forward.

Let LinkWorx be your trusted connectivity partner and elevate the performance of your transportation IOT solutions.

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