LinkWorx recently collaborated with a prominent construction company facing challenges with their existing connectivity plans. The client sought a rate plan that accurately reflected their data usage to ensure transparent pricing and efficient budgeting.

Additionally, they needed a centralized management solution to track and manage information for over 500 assets located across 20+ states. In response, LinkWorx devised custom rate plans and implemented a user-friendly management portal, providing the client with tailored solutions to optimize their connectivity needs.

Custom Rate Plans for Enterprise Clients:

Issue: Traditional set rate plans and “mix and match” approaches fail to cater to the specific data usage patterns of enterprise clients.

Solution: LinkWorx formulated Custom Rate Plans tailored to each operating unit within the client’s organization. The benefits of these plans were as follows:

Accurate Data Allowance: By creating a 175MB data plan for one operating unit, LinkWorx ensured that the client was not under-budgeting or overestimating data consumption. This customized plan allowed sufficient allowance for high-usage months and enabled pooling across the account and multiple carriers (AT&T and Verizon).

Efficient Branch Connectivity: For the other operating unit that required a 25GB rate plan for branch connectivity (primary/secondary/failover), LinkWorx introduced a 25GB plan that pooled across the account and carriers. Additionally, for months with data usage at 75% or below of the allowance, LinkWorx adjusted their bill by 10% of the monthly charges, providing flexibility and cost optimization.

Predictable Expense Projection: With the exception of the 10% adjustment, expenses became predictable and consistent month over month, enabling better financial projections and budgeting for the client.

Cost-Effective Solutions: By offering custom rate plans that matched the client’s actual usage, LinkWorx ensured that the client felt they were receiving value for their investment without overpaying for services.

Centralized Management Portal for Asset Tracking:

Issue: The construction company required a unified system to manage, track, and collect information for their 500+ assets scattered across multiple regions.

Solution: LinkWorx provided a comprehensive management portal that centralized the management of SIM connectivity for assets and IOT gateways/sensors. The key features of this solution were as follows:

Simplified Management: The client gained access to the LinkWorx management portal, which facilitated nationwide SIM management capabilities, ensuring cohesive management, streamlined cost allocation, and comprehensive reporting.

Resolving Cellular Network Variations: By equipping each asset and IOT gateway/router with dual-SIM packages, LinkWorx minimized cellular network performance variations across different locations within each region.

Cost Optimization: Implementing standard account and carrier pooling features, LinkWorx efficiently managed the billing and pooling of over 1000 SIMs and 500+ assets across the account and carriers, reducing previous connectivity costs by over 25%.


LinkWorx’s tailored connectivity solutions addressed the specific needs of the construction industry client, optimizing their data plans and streamlining management processes.

If your organization faces similar challenges or requires customized connectivity solutions, we encourage you to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to work closely with you to create bespoke plans that meet your requirements and maximize the efficiency of your operations.

Let LinkWorx empower your business with cutting-edge connectivity solutions tailored to your needs.

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