LinkWorx, a leading connectivity solutions provider, recently embarked on a project to address the specific needs of seasonal agricultural businesses. These businesses face challenges with traditional monthly data plans due to the fluctuating data connectivity usage throughout the year. Additionally, they required a reliable and cost-effective solution to establish a wireless mesh network for tracking agriculture assets across vast expanses of land.
To overcome these issues, LinkWorx devised innovative Freedom Plans and implemented a comprehensive mesh network to cater to the unique requirements of the agricultural industry.

Freedom Plans for Seasonal Businesses:

Issue: Seasonal agricultural businesses face inefficiencies with traditional monthly data plans.

Solution: LinkWorx introduced its revolutionary Freedom Plans, offering a 12-month data allowance, specifically tailored to accommodate the seasonal cycles of agricultural operations. The benefits of these plans are as follows:

Flexibility without Hassle: Customers can now enjoy the freedom to use their data when they need it, without the inconvenience of calling the service provider to suspend or reactivate their plans during inactive months.

No Overage Charges: During active months with high data connectivity usage, clients can exceed their monthly allowances without incurring any overage charges, which is a common concern with other service providers’ plans.

Eliminating Monthly Connectivity Charges: In the months of low or no usage, clients can eliminate monthly connectivity charges incurred by other service providers, resulting in cost savings.

Focus on Business: With the seamless data allowance and no need for constant plan adjustments, clients have more time and energy to concentrate on their core agricultural operations.

Streamlined Payments: Freedom Plans eliminate the need for multiple checks to be sent to the service provider, simplifying the payment process for customers.

Wireless Mesh Network for Agriculture Assets Tracking:

Issue: Agriculture fields often lack wired internet options, and existing wireless solutions were either too complex or expensive.

Solution: Collaborating closely with the client and gateway/router manufacturers, LinkWorx developed an efficient wireless mesh network to track agriculture assets across the vast expanse of over 5000 acres. The key features of the implemented solution were as follows:

Comprehensive Coverage: The mesh network incorporated four gateway/routers, with two assigned to each carrier, ensuring consistent wireless coverage across the entire agricultural area.

Each gateway/router provided primary wireless internet connectivity with a single SIM per gateway/router.

Acting as hubs for all inbound and outbound traffic, the gateway/routers effectively managed the network’s data flow.

Access Point/Rang Extenders: To extend wireless coverage into the fields, multiple powered access point/range extenders were strategically placed. Solar power was utilized to ensure the network’s sustainability and minimize operational costs.

Cost-Effective Hardware: The solution’s hardware configuration effectively resolved the issue of expensive equipment, making the mesh network economically viable.

Account and Carrier Pooling: Leveraging LinkWorx’s account and carrier pooling features further optimized the connectivity costs for the client.


LinkWorx’s successful implementation of Freedom Plans and the wireless mesh network has transformed the connectivity landscape for seasonal agricultural businesses.

By providing tailored data plans and cost-effective mesh network solutions, LinkWorx has not only resolved existing challenges but also empowered agricultural clients with seamless and reliable internet connectivity throughout their operations.

This client study case exemplifies LinkWorx’s commitment to innovative and customer-centric solutions, enabling businesses to thrive in today’s technologically driven world.

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