IoT can help cellular internet in several ways, including:

Cellular IoT enablement:

IoT can connect physical objects to the internet using the same cellular network currently used by smartphones. This technology can connect IoT devices using existing mobile networks, eliminating the need to invest and develop a separate dedicated network infrastructure just for IoT devices;

Global device connectivity:

Cellular IoT uses cellular networks to connect physical devices to the internet. The same cell towers that provide service to your smartphone can connect heavy machinery, security systems, hospital equipment, asset tracking systems, and billions of other devices to the internet.

Cellular connectivity enables these devices to transmit and receive data, so end-users can remotely monitor, analyze, and control them.

Flexibility in connectivity:

Not all IoT connected devices are the same. Some require long-range connectivity, while others require high data. Cellular IoT devices can use 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, and specialized cellular networks have also been developed specifically for IoT: LTE-M and NB-IoT.

Stable and seamless connectivity:

IoT can connect your IoT project to the best available network among over 350 carriers in 150 countries. Comparing Cellular IoT with other connectivity technologies, cellular IoT has several advantages over point-to-point radio or Wi-Fi, which connect devices infrastructure that can be easily inspected by network peers.

In addition, customers who use cellular IoT don’t need to worry about IoT breaches affecting their home or business networks, as hackers can’t attack networks from a device connected only to cellular.

Overall, IoT can help cellular internet by providing global device connectivity, flexibility in connectivity, and stable and seamless connectivity. By adopting IoT technology, cellular companies can ensure better connectivity and remain competitive in an industry where connectivity and efficiency are key priorities.

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